NT Police responding to more noise complaints past year

TERRITORY cops are responding to a spike of suburban noise complaints from sleep-deprived neighbours begging for loud party music to be turned down.

In 2015/16 financial year police received an average of 260 noise complaints a month which has increased to 323 a month this financial year.

Territory Duty Superintendent Louise Jorgensen said the increase indicated more residents were reporting the excessive noise but didn’t believe the suburbs had become noisier.

She said noise complaints represented a lack of respect for neighbours and was a problem easily fixed.

She said the majority of noise complaints were made on weekends and were as a result of party hosts excessively pumping up the volume.

“There’s been an increase, more people are calling about these sorts of things in terms of noise complaints,” she said.

“I think these days people don’t interact with their neighbours as much as they used to in the old days.

“People used to let their neighbours know they were going to have a party and they wouldn’t be so quick to call the police.”

Legislation states that police can issue a $576 fine to the party host if the police’s request to reduce noise levels is ignored.

She said once police arrive the party organiser is given 10 minutes to stop the noise.


October 2, 2016 3:36am