ICAN Acoustics offer a wide range of services, including:

  1. Architectural acoustics prediction and design;
  2. Building noise control;
  3. Sound insulation testing;
  4. Noise mapping;
  5. Environmental noise & vibration measurement;
  6. Occupational noise and vibration exposure assessment;
  7. Planning EIA’s in relation to noise & vibration;
  8. Pro-PG assessment for residential sites.
  9. Road barrier design and performance evaluation;
  10. Wind farm noise impact assessment.

Typical projects completed for clients by ICAN Acoustics include:

  • Planning noise assessments for new commercial developments;
  • Expert reports for planning appeals;
  • EIA of noise from proposed sub-station power transformers;
  • Expert noise testimony for Licensing applications for nightclubs, clubs and pubs;
  • Environmental Noise Impact Assessments for small and large wind farms;