Ireland has a unique geographical position on the planet as having huge potential to benefit from the renewable source of wind energy. As a result of this, ICAN Acoustics have strategically aligned their expertise in the area of wind farm noise impact assessment.

Wind farm noise impact assessments are conducted in accordance with ETSU-R-97 guidance. A noise model allows assessment and an opportunity to provide information on noise levels and mitigation measures if required.

ICAN Acoustics also assess the noise impact created by existing wind farms and provide expert legal evidence if required.


Our Services:

  • 3-D noise prediction models (CADNA-A);
  • Modelling of “What If Scenario’s”;
  • Baseline noise monitoring carried out using ETSU-R-97 guidelines and DoEHLG guidance;
  • Assessment and Reporting;
  • Critical review of third party reports;
  • Noise nuisance investigation;
  • Compliance monitoring.