Specification, Design and Testing

ICAN Acoustics offer independent and impartial advice on the specification, design and testing of Audio Frequency Induction Loops (AFIL). This can include the measurement and assessment of already installed existing AFIL systems to determine if they meet design performance criteria set out in IEC 60118:2014.

Application Areas for Audio Frequency Induction Loops (AFILs)

Lecture Halls

Theatres and performance spaces

Conference Centres

Meeting Rooms

Museums and Public Spaces

Government Service Public Offices

Outdoor Arenas

Places of Worship

Design and Testing

Our services include the following:

  • The design of induction loop systems and the prediction of metal loss and compensation requirements.
  • The design and specification of low spill induction loop systems.
  • The design and preparation of specifications for AV installation contractors.
  • The accurate measurement of field strength using calibrated instrumentation.

The assessment of existing induction loop systems to determine if they comply with the system performance requirements defined in IEC 60118:2014.

The assessment of AFIL systems to determine if they are performing correctly and are fit for purpose for hearing aid users.


Figure 1 below shows a figure-eight loop designed using Univox modelling systems.

Figure 1: Showing an figure eight loop design.


Spill Control

Audio-frequency induction loops create a magnetic field which is not constrained to the area of the loop installation.  There are many instances where this is unacceptable, such as in multi-screen cinema complexes, conference room situations, council chambers or multiple meeting rooms.  Using techniques designed by Univox Induction loop design, ICAN Acoustics can design loop layouts to minimise spill into other area using the latest design software and modelling techniques.