Noise at schools and universities has attracted attention from acoustic scientists and audiologists. There is increasing evidence that excessive noise is widespread in educational settings. This can have an adverse effect on the teaching environment.

Poor acoustic conditions reduce speech intelligibility in classrooms and affect attention and academic performance of students.

Some of our clients include the Department of Education and Science, the National University of Ireland, Gonzaga College (Sandford) and Atlantic Language School (Galway City).



The Irish Department of education provide guidance on school acoustics which sets out guidance on acoustic conditions in schools. To assess either an existing or proposed school, we lean on guidance provided in the Department of Educations Technical Guidance Document, SDG 02-05-03, titled ‘Acoustic Performance in New Primary & Post Primary School Buildings’. To download a copy of SDG 02-05-03, please click here.

While the Irish Department of Educations specifications had many similarities to guidance provided in Building Bulletin 93 (BB93), which was first issued by UK government departments in 2003. BB93 then went through an update in 2014, however, it did not contain design guidance. Design guidance has since been provided in a publication dated Nov 2015 titled ‘Acoustics of Schools: a design guide’, which can be downloaded here.

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We understand that the purpose of SDG 02-05-03 is to set out acoustic requirements to assist in the construction of schools that will:

(a) facilitate clear communication of speech between teacher and student and between students,


(b) do not interfere with study activities.

We can assist with the achievement of such standards.

To download a copy of SDG 02-05-03, please click here.