Have you a wall or floor detail that has failed to meet the performance requirements stipulated in the Irish Building Regulation’s TGD-E,2014? Have you an office where sound insulation is an issue and privacy is a concern? Do you have a primary school, secondary school or third level classroom or lecture space that has an insufficient level of sound insulation?

ICAN Acoustics have a comprehensive range of services available to you:

  • We can provide you with a second opinion, particularly where non-acousticians have carried out sound insulation tests.
  • We can analyse/review third-party data provided by non-acoustician sound insulation testers and verification of their results and findings.
  • We provide forensic investigation work on wall and floor build-ups to identify acoustically weak elements.
  • We can quickly identify acoustically weak details at the design stages or examine proposed alterations during construction as part of value engineering exercises.
  • We can provide you with independent and impartial advice. If there is any potential conflict of interest on any project or with any supplier, we would make you aware of this prior to engagement or as soon as the potential conflict becomes apparent.
  • We diagnose acoustic weaknesses and faults on separating walls and floors post-construction.
  • We review third-party sound insulation test reports to ensure standards and measurement/reporting best practice has been followed.
  • We provide expert witness services on sound insulation tests, test results and critical review of test reports.
  • Where remedial work is required on walls or floors, through detailed technical diagnosis we can provide you with clear and definitive corrective action. Non-acoustician technician level sound insulation testers are not qualified to provide you with any technical advice.

So, when it comes to building acoustics, sound insulation testing or the detailed analysis of underperforming buildings, ICAN Acoustics provide you with expert advice that you can trust.

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