ICAN Acoustics offer qualified noise and vibration testing services to the medical device industry throughout Ireland. Our consultancy work has included the measurement of medical device noise emissions, auditory warning analysis and the determination of sound power levels for product compliance purposes.  Other work has included the analysis and verification of machines noise and vibration emissions used in cleanrooms in the medical device sector.


All of our medical device work typically includes the provision of services under strict non-disclosure agreements.  With our head office located in Galway City, we are well-positioned to service the local medical device industry whilst still providing excellent service to other medical device manufacturers throughout the island of Ireland.

Our medical device services include:

Assistance to R&D Teams on the acoustic design of products.

Product sound power measurements for regulatory requirements (ISO 3740:2019).

Machine sound power measurements for regulatory requirements (ISO 3740:2019).

Product sound pressure level measurements for regulatory requirements.

Analysis of product noise emissions, frequency content and spectra to assist with R&D functions and testing (ISO 3740:2019).

Measurement of machine vibration for controlled medical processes.

Occupational noise and vibration design and assistance with meeting customer specifications.


Supported measurement standards:

Supported Standards are the ISO 3741, ISO 3743-1, ISO 3743-2, ISO 3744, ISO 3745, ISO 3746, ISO 3747 and ISO 6395