Outdoor Area Noise Control

Restaurants, bars and nightclubs

As restaurants, bars, and nightclubs re-open, having followed government advice concerning temporary COVID-19 closures, ICAN Acoustics are now in a position to offer qualified design advice on the successful implementation of new outdoor areas. With 20+ years of acoustic design experience and engineering noise control, we are well-positioned to offer our clients expert advice in the following areas:

(1) New or increased outdoor dining areas.

(2) Increase smoking areas for patrons of pubs and nightclubs.

(3) Entertainment outdoor areas to include outdoor events/performances and displays.

(4) Advice in line with extended licensing hours for bars/pubs and nightclubs.

Our work in this area typically includes:

(1) Baseline noise studies

(2) the preparation of a noise impact assessment considering increased capacity or extended hours of use

(3) On-site emulation and verification of design arrangements in advance of the planning process or implementation.

(4) Noise contour modelling where required.

(5) The design and specification of noise mitigation measures that are likely to be effective. Please note, ICAN Acoustics can provide you with independent and impartial advice on all noise control measures, and our specifications will not be product or supplier led. ICAN Acoustics are not aligned with specific suppliers, and designs will consider what can be achieved using ‘off the shelf building materials and specialist materials where necessary.

Outdoor Cultural Spaces

ICAN Acoustics provide noise consultancy advice to Local Authorities concerning the development of new outdoor cultural spaces. This, in many cases, needs careful consideration of entertainment noise and its successful management and control. Our services include baseline noise studies, noise modelling, electroacoustic design and outdoor noise management. ICAN Acoustics have a wealth of experience in small and large outdoor events (up to 80,000 capacity)

If you are interested in finding out more about our services, drop Diarmuid Keaney an email at diarmuid @ acoustics. ie