Europe is running out of energy resources in the form of fossil fuels at a time when a paradigm shift in energy prices is occurring. It is clear that this century will be characterised by intensified competition for energy which will inevitably push up prices, lead to periodic scarcity and precipitate a scramble for reserves among the world’s main economic blocks.

Europe is the world leader in renewable energy and in the most promising and mature renewable technology. ICAN Acoustics have strategically aligned its expertise in the area of wind farm noise impact assessments. Using the latest technology in noise modelling and measurement, ICAN Acoustics can predict and assess the noise impact of a proposed development at the early planning stages of a project.

ICAN Acoustics are in a position to:

  • Prepare environmental noise studies;
  • Carry out noise impact assessments for planning submission;
  • Provide expert legal evidence if required.


Some of the studies conducted to date include wind farm developments, electrical substation creation and expansion, hydroelectric power generation and biomass electrical facilities.