This Professional Practice Guidance on Planning and Noise (ProPG) has been
produced to provide practitioners with guidance on the management of noise within
the planning system in England specifically, however, it is being adopted by many Planning Authorities here in Ireland.  It is aimed at practitioners rather than the general
public and some, though not expert, knowledge of planning and acoustics principles
is assumed.

Whilst much of the guidance given in ProPG – Planning & Noise is good practice, currently in place at ICAN Acoustics, there is an initial risk assessment stage included in the process. This is intended to be undertaken prior to the submission of the planning application.

ICAN Acoustics can guide you through the process and how it applies to your own unique situation. If you would like us to help you with ProPG – Planning and Noise then please contact us and we will be happy to help you through ProPG.

ProPG – Planning and Noise” is available for download at: