Using modern video conferencing techniques, ICAN Acoustics are in a position to provide noise and vibration consultancy services both nationally and internationally via secure Skype video conferencing. Using Skype we have been able to attend design meetings and to inspect site arrangements using modern data streaming on laptops, PCs and handheld mobile devices.

These services have been provided to customers in the USA, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and India.


Skype Name: diarmuid.keaney

Alternative platforms include Gotomeeting, Zoom meetings and Cisco platforms.

Our service ‘over the web’ helps keep costs low by eliminating the need for unnecessary travel time and costs to sites both locally and internationally. While the service is not a full substitute for site noise and vibration measurements, it does allow us to attend site meetings at a very competitive cost. In many cases, we also share our screen to discuss the findings of our report in your meeting room at a time that suits you and your colleagues.

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If you wish to arrange a Skype call, please contact us at ‘office@’