ICAN Acoustics offer a series of acoustic tests for vehicles in terms of auditory warnings, noise emission testing and acoustic vehicle alerting systems (AVAS). In addition, our works have included the review of rail and bus fleets, ranging from national carriers to private operators.

Our range of services include:

  • Regulatory testing and compliance verification.
  • Field testing of vehicles in both test arrangements and when in use under duty.
  • Assessment of reversing sounders and compliance with vehicle safety standards.
  • The measurement and quantification of auditory rail warning systems.
  • The measurement and quantification of shipping vessel auditory warning systems.
  • Spectral analysis to include fundamental frequency verification and necessary harmonics.
  • Evaluation of AVAS systems and assistance with design changes.
  • Preparation of gap analysis measurement work in preparation for future regulatory requirements.
  • Demonstration of vehicle compliance with operational noise conditions imposed by the planning process.

ICAN Acoustics would be delighted to discuss your specific project requirements.