CPD Event: Acoustics for Architects

Free (1Hour) CPD Event: Acoustics for Architects Why not attend our FREE 60 min webinar on Acoustics for Architects? This free webinar will focus on: (1) Irish Building Regulations:  TGD-E,2014 (2) School Acoustics TGD-021-5. (3) Room Acoustics -reverberation, absorption, sound insulation, ventilation. ICAN Acoustics provide QUALIFIED building acoustic design solutions Time: 14:00hrs to 15:00hrs Wednesday 10th of [...]

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Architecture at the Edge

Event Information An introduction to the Irish Building Regulations TGD-E (2014), School Acoustics TGD 021-5 (2015) and Room Acoustics. A CPD presentation hosted by www.acoustics.ie focused on topics related to acoustics for architects including; Irish Building Regulations: TGD-E,2014 School Acoustics TGD-021-5 Room Acoustics - reverberation, absorption, sound insulation, ventilation, HVAC, inward noise. To register for this [...]

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Communication and Covid -19

Tips on communicating through windows during the Covid-19 crisis We all appreciate the importance of social distancing at this stage, but what do we know about the acoustics of the“new normal” of communicatingthrough windows when visiting neighbours? It seems obvious, but we should all remember that we must have some part of the window open [...]

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Acoustic Terms and definitions

Sound Insulation : Definitions, Terms, Units and Measurements Sound Insulation is the ability of building elements or structures to reduce sound transmission To compare sound insulation properties you need to take into account the area of the dividing partition/wall, as well as the volume and sound absorption properties of the receiving room. To do this, measurements [...]

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