CPD Event: Acoustics for Architects

Free (1Hour) CPD Event: Acoustics for Architects Why not attend our FREE 60 min webinar on Acoustics for Architects? This free webinar will focus on: (1) Irish Building Regulations:  TGD-E,2014 (2) School Acoustics TGD-021-5. (3) Room Acoustics -reverberation, absorption, sound insulation, ventilation. ICAN Acoustics provide QUALIFIED building acoustic design solutions Time: 14:00hrs to 15:00hrs Wednesday 10th of [...]

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Architecture at the Edge

Event Information An introduction to the Irish Building Regulations TGD-E (2014), School Acoustics TGD 021-5 (2015) and Room Acoustics. A CPD presentation hosted by www.acoustics.ie focused on topics related to acoustics for architects including; Irish Building Regulations: TGD-E,2014 School Acoustics TGD-021-5 Room Acoustics - reverberation, absorption, sound insulation, ventilation, HVAC, inward noise. To register for this [...]

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