National Legislation and Guidance

Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992 The EPA Act identifies noise as a form of environmental pollution and contains provisions for dealing with noise “which is a nuisance, or would endanger human health or damage property or harm the environment.” The sections of the Act relevant to noise pollution are: Section 106 – Regulations for Control [...]

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Noise Nuisance

Interesting changes on the way to noise nuisance in the U.K. It’s not an uncommon scenario: a new block of flats goes up close to an industrial unit whose inhabitant operates at night. Residents move in. The company in the industrial unit starts to get complaints about noise. Before they know it, the council’s EH [...]

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Complaints aplenty but no specific noise control legislation for ‘crow bangers’

Source: Irish Examiner Farmers, for over 50 years, have been using bird pest control measures but no specific national legislation exists in relation to noise containment for instruments such as ‘crow bangers’ or 'crop bangers', writes Anne Lucey. A file image of a propane style gas gun bird scarer also known as a crop or crow [...]

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Couple challenge planning for windfarm close to Cork home

  A couple have brought a High Court challenge over An Bord Pleanála’s decision to grant planning permission for a windfarm development close to their home. The challenge by Klaus Balz and Hanna Heubach, of Bear na Gaoithe, Inchigeelagh, Co Cork, concerns permission for development of a windfarm of up to 11 turbines at Cleanrath, Inchigeelagh by Cleanrath Windfarm Ltd. The couple claim [...]

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Couple attempt to sue owners of playground because sound of kids bouncing basketballs stops them enjoying their ‘idyllic’ garden. Orchard Cottage in Ticehurst Susan, 58, and hubbie James, 60, of Ticehurst, East Sussex, claim they’ve been “living on tenterhooks” for the past decade ever since the ground had opened. They say the sound of bouncing [...]

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