Noise Action Planning

ICAN Acoustics are well-positioned to provide expert advice in the area of Noise Action Planning to Local Authorities in Ireland. We can assist with the interpretation and implementation of the guidance set out in European Environmental Noise Directive (END).  Some of our services include the drafting and revision of their Noise Action Plans on behalf [...]

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National Legislation and Guidance

Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992 The EPA Act identifies noise as a form of environmental pollution and contains provisions for dealing with noise “which is a nuisance, or would endanger human health or damage property or harm the environment.” The sections of the Act relevant to noise pollution are: Section 106 – Regulations for Control [...]

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ProPG New Residential Development

ProPG: Planning & Noise – New Residential Development The ProPG has been produced to provide practitioners with guidance on a recommended approach to the management of noise within the planning system in England. The Institute of Acoustics, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and the Association of Noise Consultants have worked together to produce the [...]

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LA installs street light sensors that can hear car crashes

Los Angeles is adding all-hearing sensors to street lights that will be able to hear car crashes and report them to emergency services and first responders. The move is part of a new pilot scheme to expand LA’s smart city capabilities. The city authorities intend to use the smart city to improve public safety and support services. The city [...]

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