COVID-19 Baseline Studies

Joint guidance by the Institute of Acoustics and the Association of Noise Consultants. Joint Guidance on the Impact of COVID-19 on the Practicality and Reliability of Baseline Sound Level Surveying and the Provision of Sound & Noise Impact Assessments By the Association of Noise Consultants [ANC] and the Institute of Acoustics [IOA] Version 3 Containing [...]

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Bon Jovi you rock

It was wonderful to work with Bon Jovi on the first night of of their Dublin 2019 concert. Looking forward to night 2. Thanks Andrew for the 'on the job' photos.    

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Institute of Acoustics Council Elections 2019

Diarmuid Keaney works as a noise and vibration consultant for ICAN Acoustics which originally commenced trading in 1998.  He holds a Master’s of Science in Applied Acoustics with Distinction, awarded by Derby University, the IoA Diploma in Acoustics in Noise Control and a B.E. Honours Degree from the National University of Ireland. He is a [...]

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Institute of Acoustics Code of Conduct

The Institute of Acoustics have just released a revised version of its code of conduct for members which is publicly available on the Institutes website. Code of Conduct Preamble In the Articles of Association of the Institute of Acoustics ("the Institute") there is a general requirement for members to be bound to further the aims of [...]

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