Free (1Hour) CPD Event on Environmental Noise Feb 2021

Why not attend our FREE 60 min webinar on Environmental noise? This free webinar will focus on the metrics and guidance used by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in their guidance document NG-4. ICAN Acoustics provide QUALIFIED noise measurement services to industrial facilities that need to demonstrate compliance with Industrial Emission Licenses as well as facilities that [...]

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Increasing Noise Pollution (EPA)

Increasing noise pollution in Irish urban areas highlighted by EPA   Noise pollution complaints from the Irish public have been increasing and current control measures “do not always allow for them to be adequately addressed”, according to the EPA. Local authorities “need to take a much stronger leadership role in dealing with noise issues, particularly [...]

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EPA NG4 Noise Measurement Requirements

Monitoring for compliance with the noise emission conditions of an IPPC or Waste Licence should be primarily based upon International Standard ISO 1996: Acoustics – Description, Measurement and Assessment of Environmental Noise. Ideally, sampling over different days and at different times during the day will help to ensure that the survey is statistically representative. However, [...]

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National Legislation and Guidance

Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992 The EPA Act identifies noise as a form of environmental pollution and contains provisions for dealing with noise “which is a nuisance, or would endanger human health or damage property or harm the environment.” The sections of the Act relevant to noise pollution are: Section 106 – Regulations for Control [...]

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The Irish EPA and ProPG

Planning Guidance The EPA Guidance note for Noise Action planning (2009) includes some sections that cover planning aspects and it contains the following observation; ‘Whilst Local Authorities have it within their powers to set conditions relating to noise as part of a planning permission, there is currently no national policy or guidance which addresses the [...]

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