Coronavirus Ireland

Coronavirus Ireland: 'Shameful' scenes as Gardai forced to break up 'noisy, insufferable outside party' in Dublin Members of the force had to disperse "ludicrous crowds" Source: Dublin Live Large groups of COVIDiots are still refusing to abide by lockdown restrictions with gardai forced to break up what they described as an "insufferable" party in Dublin [...]

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Business Continuity at ICAN Acoustics

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, ICAN Acoustics are committed to providing the same level of service across the island of Ireland, all within the constraints of Covid-19 restrictions. Many of our long term clients are 'essential service providers', so this resulted in us being 'early adopters' of the necessary measures to ensure acoustic consultancy work [...]

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Communication and Covid -19

Tips on communicating through windows during the Covid-19 crisis We all appreciate the importance of social distancing at this stage, but what do we know about the acoustics of the“new normal” of communicatingthrough windows when visiting neighbours? It seems obvious, but we should all remember that we must have some part of the window open [...]

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