Dublin Airport Northern Runway

News from Dublin Airport, 18th December 2020 daa has lodged an application to amend two onerous planning conditions that are due to apply to the operation of the new North Runway and the overall runway system at Dublin Airport when North Runway begins operations.   The current conditions would limit the use of North Runway between 11pm and [...]

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Sonic Boom

Sonic boom rattles tennis players at the French Open: ‘It was very strange, very loud, like something big dropped’ Source: Chaiago Tribune To read the article in full, click here

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The Irish News

Take on Nature: Air we breathe may tie in with pandemic in more ways than we think The sounds of airplanes overhead are rare now; those that do appear are solitary. Tony Bailie 09 May, 2020 01:00 Sometimes it sounds as if a million insects are buzzing and humming in among the hawthorns and whins [...]

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The future of supersonic flight

A great video setting out the future of supersonic flight by Interesting Engineering. The Concorde had an interesting noise history both in the UK and USA (New York particularly).

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London Luton Airport’s noise assessment ‘inadequate’

Source: BBC News London Luton Airport's bid to relax noise limits has not adequately considered the adverse impact on residents, a report has said. The airport applied to its owners Luton Borough Council to lift the noise conditions it applied for when it asked for planning permission to expand. But noise consultants Cole Jarman said [...]

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