Coronavirus Ireland: ‘Shameful’ scenes as Gardai forced to break up ‘noisy, insufferable outside party’ in Dublin

Members of the force had to disperse “ludicrous crowds”

Source: Dublin Live

Large groups of COVIDiots are still refusing to abide by lockdown restrictions with gardai forced to break up what they described as an “insufferable” party in Dublin last night.

Complaints had been made about the outside party with members of the force having to disperse “ludicrous crowds” risking their own health.

One Garda said: “This is what social distancing looks like in one part of Dublin tonight. Non-existent.

“As if Cocooners did not have enough to put up with, they then had to call Gardaí when noise from an outside “party” became insufferable,thankfully all members dispersed.

“[It’s] shameful. In case anyone is wondering, real people had to disperse the ludicrous crowd at risk to their own and their families health. Hats off to them, we will not forget.”

This comes after the Lord Mayor of Dublin heavily criticised what he described as a “party fever” that has gripped the capital.

In a video on the main Lord Mayor of Dublin Twitter page at the end of April, Fianna Fáil’s Tom Brabazon warned that some people still aren’t taking the quarantine measures seriously.

Councillor Brabazon said he was horrified at what he witnessed on one particular Dublin street and fears for the safety of the elderly neighbours there.

The Lord Mayor did not specify what street the mass gathering took place on but added that he was very familiar with it and knew many of the residents there.


He said: “I was very concerned to witness a gathering in a street [Saturday] night with no social distancing.

“It is so important that we continue to observe the current restrictions and flatten the curve. We must stay apart to stay together.


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