ICAN Acoustics welcomes what appears to be very comprehensive guidance on some of the traditional sources of noise such as road traffic, aircraft and railway noise. Notably however the newer guidance now considers both wind turbine noise and leisure noise in addition to the traditional sources of noise.

We would be more than happy to interpret and apply this guidance to your industry or particular application.

Noise is an important public health issue. It has negative impacts on human health and well-being and is
a growing concern. The WHO Regional Office for Europe has developed these guidelines, based on the
growing understanding of these health impacts of exposure to environmental noise. The main purpose of
these guidelines is to provide recommendations for protecting human health from exposure to environmental
noise originating from various sources: transportation (road traffic, railway and aircraft) noise, wind turbine
noise and leisure noise. They provide robust public health advice underpinned by evidence, which is essential
to drive policy action that will protect communities from the adverse effects of noise. The guidelines are
published by the WHO Regional Office for Europe. In terms of their health implications, the recommended
exposure levels can be considered applicable in other regions and suitable for a global audience.

If you wish to download a copy of the new guidance, please click on the document below.