• Dr Sarina Saiger, 51, would blare pounding electronic dance music from her stone-built cottage in the picturesque village of Ireshopeburn, Co Durham 
  • Villagers say their lives were turned upside down by the constant disruption 
  •  Dr Saiger was taken to court and fought the notice but has now been handed an £8,000 legal bill

A former NHS health consultant has been left with an £8,000 legal bill after keeping her neighbours up until 4am every day with ear-splitting rave music.

Tranquil setting: Villagers say their lives were turned upside down by the loud music coming from Dr Saiger's home in Iresphopeburn'It wasn't me!': Dr Saiger said she wasn't in when the music was being played

Dr Sarina Saiger, 51, would play pounding tunes at such a volume villagers say they could not hear their televisions above the bass booming from her stone-built cottage.

Locals had been used to tranquility in the pretty village of Ireshopeburn, County Durham, which nestles in the North Pennines Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty.

On most days the only sounds were birdsong and the babbling stream that runs through it.

However Dr Saiger turned the lives of villagers upside down with her antisocial racket which could strike up at any time of the day or night, it was alleged.

She was served with a noise abatement order by Durham County Council and eight of the village’s 112 residents either attended court or made statements in the authority’s favour, desperate for silence to be restored to the valley where her home sits.

However Dr Saiger denied the claims and said she wasn’t at home while the music was being played.

She chose to fight the notice, but after hearing evidence from locals her case was dismissed by magistrates, leaving her with an £8,000 legal bill.

Ms Saiger is no stranger to the courtroom having taken three employment tribunal against former and prospective employers.

In one high profile case she won £115,000 after being told she was the ‘wrong colour for Cumbria.’

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