A Minnesota woman has grave concerns about Alice Cooper, but the rocker is willing to help.

Concert Noise.jpg

According to Southern Minnesota News, Barb Church of North Mankato, MN, recently argued before city officials regarding Cooper’s scheduled June 9 appearance at nearby Vetter Stone Amphitheater. Church complained that a show by rapper Nelly at the venue last year produced a noise level of 110 decibels at her home.

Church said, “I’m to tell you here that I think Alice Cooper is going to be very similar. Having now looked up the lyrics… I don’t think it’s wise for our community to have to listen to foul language. I don’t think we have to listen to things about suicide.”

Responding via his Facebook page, Cooper said noise was a concern but, considering the distance between the venue and Church’s home, a level of 110 decibels was unlikely unless “the audience at Nelly’s show had their spleens ruptured by the loudest show on record.”

Offering an olive branch, Cooper added, “I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. I’m a ‘Nice Guy’ after all. I guess I could have my snake swim over some earplugs…It’s the least I could do.”
Source ABC News, to read the article in full, click here.