A recent study published in the journal Deutsches Ärzteblatt International asserts traffic noise can increase one’s chances of suffering from a deadly heart attack.

Researchers made the association by analyzing the information provided by health insurers.

The team sorted the records of more than 1 million Germans over the age of 40 according to their 2005 levels of noise exposure from rail, road, and air activity.

A press release issued by the publication notes, “When the analysis was restricted to patients who died of heart attack up to 2014/2015, a statistically significant association was found between noise exposure and the risk of heart attack.”

The release further explains, “Although strictly speaking these results show only an association between traffic noise and heart attack, the authors believe that the sheer numbers of people affected by noise pollution mean that it is now right to start intensive efforts towards effective prevention of traffic noise.”

This is not the first study to find a relationship between serious health issues and high noise levels.

Last year, British researchers discovered an association between exposure to environmental sounds over 60 decibels and instances of stroke, reports the New York Times.