Transportation noise assessment

Transportation noise assessment2018-10-30T14:17:22+00:00

It is globally accepted that transport noise is continuously increasing, with ongoing growth and related annoyance having a significant adverse effect on our quality of life. ICAN Acoustics can offer a variety of solutions to the mitigation of road, rail, shipping and air-traffic noise impacts.


Our Services:

  • Accurate site measurements and prediction using internationally recognised methodologies;
  • In-house 3-D noise prediction models (CADNA-A, and Insul) to model road traffic, light rail, heavy rail and air traffic;
  • Investigation and modeling of noise sources including mitigation measures (barriers, road surfaces, speed restrictions);
  • Critical review of EIS submissions;
  • Traffic noise nuisance and annoyance investigation.
  • PIEK programme noise testing. Methods of measurement for peak noise during loading and unloading.