Noise measurement Dublin

Noise measurements in Dublin.... Diarmuid Keaney measuring noise Dublin, pic Paul Nicholls 23/05/19 Diarmuid Keaney measuring noise (and stretching), Dublin, pic Paul Nicholls 23/05/19  

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Gort noise case…

A judge has thrown out of a noise pollution claim by a Gort woman against a Christian Church concerning the disturbance from loud drums and amplified music by Church goers below her apartment. At Ennis District Court, Judge Patrick Durcan said that the situation faced by Sandra Broderick during Church services of the Assembly of [...]

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Noise from Electric Cars

Another historic trade deal for the EU, why electric cars are about to get noisier, and more top news The news professionals in Europe are talking about now, curated by LinkedIn’s editors. Join the conversation on today's stories in the comments. Electric cars are set to get noisier after the EU decreed all new electric vehicles must [...]

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Helicopter & Aircraft Noise Maryland, USA.

As residents describe what appears to be more frequent and louder air plane and helicopter flights over neighbourhoods, the House passed an amendment that would direct the Federal Aviation Administration to prioritise combating the noise. The amendment, added to the 2020 transportation appropriations bill, was sponsored by D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, who co-chairs the [...]

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