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Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region (2018).

ICAN Acoustics welcomes what appears to be very comprehensive guidance on some of the traditional sources of noise such as road traffic, aircraft and railway noise. Notably however the newer guidance now considers both wind turbine noise and leisure noise in addition to the traditional sources of noise. We would be more than happy to interpret [...]

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ProPG in use by Irish Planners and Local Authorities

It is good to see that Irish Planning Departments and Local Authorities appear now adopting the use of the UKs Professional Practice Guidance on Planning and Noise (ProPG). The purpose of ProPG is to encourage and promote design outcomes that are proportionate and reasonable in the particular circumstances of each development site.   Reference to [...]

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Project Ireland 2040

As a long standing committee member of the Irish Branch of the Institute of Acoustics, I was heavily involved in the drafting of a submission as part of the government's consultation process for Project Ireland 2040. It truly was an honour to meet with Denis Naughten,  Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment at the [...]

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‘We want compensation’ – students who paid €12k for accommodation forced to endure months of construction work

Students say they weren't informed about the works when they moved in Gateway to complex has been broken 'for weeks' 'The construction work would start at 7am and it would be impossible to concentrate' Compensation of €216 offered but rejected by some students Rent was paid up front for entire year 'We should have been [...]

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Free 30 min Webinar on Environmental Noise and EPA noise limiting levels.

Why not attend our Free 30 min Webinar on Environmental noise? This Free webinar will focus on the metrics and guidance used by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in their guidance document NG-4. ICAN Acoustics provide QUALIFIED noise measurement services to industrial facilities that need to demonstrate compliance with Industrial Emission Licenses as well as facilities that [...]

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