Free Workshop for Environmental Managers (on EPA NG4 Noise Assessment)

On Monday the 28th of January 2020, ICAN Acoustics are hosting a FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP for company environmental managers responsible for noise as part of their Industrial Emissions Licenses. The correct assessment of noise in terms of noise level, impulsivity and tonality are all essential elements to satisfying EPA licensing (NG-4) requirements on Noise. In [...]

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EPA NG4 Guidance on Tonal Assessment

The Irish EPA (NG4) are very clear on how a tonal assessment should be conducted when carrying out an industrial noise survey. There are three basic steps to tonal assessment: (1) A tonal noise source can normally be subjectively identified by a competent person familiar with noise impact assessments. (2) However, prior to the application [...]

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Rail Noise

This really is a wonderful talk on Rail Noise by David J Thompson, a well deserving Rayleigh Medal Winner in 2018. The talk has a very practical element and he discusses his invaluable experiences. If you need a rail noise assessment carried out, then then ICAN Acoustics can provide you with the necessary expertise, delivering [...]

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Ireland fined €5m plus penalties.

Ireland fined €5m plus penalties over Co Galway wind farm. The State has been fined €5m over its failure to assess the environmental impact of a wind farm in south Co Galway. Further penalties of €15,000 a day will be imposed until Ireland complies with a 2008 instruction to properly examine the consequences of the [...]

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‘Lives will be saved’

'Lives will be saved': Residents support use of helipad at Mater despite noise levels RESIDENTS LIVING IN Dublin’s north inner city have voiced support for the operation of a landing pad for helicopters at the Mater Hospital, despite concern by council planners about the impact of the facility on people living in the area. A [...]

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