On Monday the 28th of January 2020, ICAN Acoustics are hosting a FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP for company environmental managers responsible for noise as part of their Industrial Emissions Licenses. The correct assessment of noise in terms of noise level, impulsivity and tonality are all essential elements to satisfying EPA licensing (NG-4) requirements on Noise. Please note that this workshop is directed at license holders and not service providers to the sector.

In many cases however we have been made aware of situations where advisors in some cases have incorrectly advised that:

(1) industrial noise exceedances exist in situations where they do not, resulting in incorrect non-compliance advice.

(2) industrial tones have been identified but have been incorrectly interpreted, not following EPA NG4 protocols.

(3) industrial impulsivity has been identified but not assessed in accordance with EPA NG4 protocols.

If you would like to avail of this free 45min online workshop (with 15mins Q&A), please complete your details below to register for this FREE online event.


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